Distributor replaces competing mag drive pump supplied on an OEM system. The Pump replaced was a magnetic drive pump, the customer was having consistent problems with the competitor’s pumps when used in upset conditions as well as getting replacement pumps. I worked with them closely and helped modify their piping to fit in the T-Mag “2 HP” pump constructed of Polypropylene (TM6LC/PC/VT/123/ZZ), the pump worked great! The customer was so impressed with T-Mag mag drive pump that we also sold him the ETFE Pump (T6NC/EC/VT/150/ZZ) for a similar application. We will continue working with this customer closely, providing future T-Mag and other fluid solutions to this customer.

Company: Battery Manufacturing Plant
Application: Water with Trace Sulfuric Acid for Oven Application for Cooling Lead Plates after heating.