Carbonate Pump

Looking for a pump that can handle carbonate? T-Mag Magnetic Drive Pumps has a variety of carbonate pump options. From our lowest horsepower models to the highest, all T-Mag models can provide you a carbonate pump solution. T-Mag offers the following carbonate pump models and accessories:

AM Series Carbonate Pump

The T-Mag AM Series Mag Drive Pump can assist pumping a large array of chemicals – such as carbonate – during the transfer, loading or bulk storage stage of many processes. The AM Series mag drive pump is available in 1/12, 1/4 and 1/3 horsepower configurations. The fractional sizes are for low flow carbonate applications that require a compact and efficient mag drive pump.

AMX Series Carbonate Pump

The T-Mag AMX Series Mag Drive Pump leaps ahead with the latest heat dissipation technology and eight horsepower ratings to choose from for handling carbonate. T-Mag mag drive pumps offer some of the highest flow rates seen in the industry. Ultimately, the AMX Series will bring you increased productivity, reduce operational costs, reduced downtime and provide peace of mind when dealing with carbonate.

Carbonate Pump Accessories

T-Mag is one of the leaders in the fluid and flow handling industry and we stock the key parts and accessories you need for any mag drive pump handling carbonate. Some accessories include hoses, gaskets, expansion joints, VFD’s and power monitors.