Question 1 – What sizes are available for T-Mag pumps?

The AM series are available in 1/12 HP, 1/4 HP and 1/3 HP. The AMX Series are available in 1/2 HP, 1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP and 5 HP.

Question 2What liquid path materials are available?

All model sizes, AM and AMX Series are available in glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene (GFR-PP). The AM Series is also available in carbon fiber-reinforced PVDF (CFR-PVDF). While the AMX series (1/2 HP – 5 HP) is also available in carbon fiber-reinforced ETFE (CFR-ETFE). Bearings, Shafts, Wear Rings, and Thrust Rings are available in Carbon, Rulon, 995 Al Ceramic and Sintered Sic. O-ring materials offered are Viton and EPDM, with special order O-rings also available if necessary with factory quote.

Question 3What electric motors are available?

AMX series pumps will be stocked in NEMA C-Face configurations with IEC Frame motors being special orders, while the AM Series come standard with motor and IEC Brackets. Multiple motor options are available in both 50 HZ and 60 HZ styles.

Question 4What is the enclosure type for the motors offered?

All electric motors will be offered is a standard TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) configuration. Explosion proof and other specialty options are available, but do require a factory quote.

Question 5What are the unique features of AM/AMX Series pumps that separate them from the competition?

T-Mag pumps have three major patents that separate them from the competition.

Patented Inlet Buffer (AMX Series): This system incorporates the inlet wear ring into an independently supported assembly that moves with the impeller during times of heavy vibration. This assembly absorbs the forward movement of the free floating impeller that damages pump wears rings in ordinary mag-drive units.

Patented Bushing Cooling (AMX Series): This system incorporates a design change to the shaft bushing by adding three additional cooling channels around the outside of the shaft bushing. In conjunction with the typical spiral-cooling channel next to the shaft, this additional cooling mechanism assists with dissipation of heat during dry running or dead head conditions.

Universal Rotation Flanges (AMX Series): All flanges on the 1/2 HP units and larger use a free floating flange that allows for unlimited adjustment when aligning the bolt holes with the system flanges. Although the rotation freedom of the flange is not unique, T-Mag offers a flange “keeper” on the collar that holds the flange in place to assist with assembly. All flanges are ANSI, DIN and JIS combination flanges.

Question 6Do the T-Mag pumps have the same fluid connection locations and footprint as any competitor?

Yes. T-Mag pumps are designed with fluid connections and footprint that make it a perfect retrofit for the IWAKI® equivalent models. (IWAKI is a registered trademark of Iwaki-Walchem Corporation)

Question 7Are the shafts single end supported like other competitors on the market?

No. All sizes of T-Mag pumps come standard with double-end supported shafts to prevent shaft or bushing damage during cavitation. This double-end support prevents the axial forces from breaking the pump shaft that is a common failure for many other manufacturers.

Question 8Can a T-Mag pump run dry for any length of time?

In all cases it is not recommended that any centrifugal pump run dry for any length of time, however several unique features of the AMX series allow this less than ideal run condition to occur without damage to the mag drive pump. In combination, the patented inlet buffer system, the secondary bypass cooling of the bushing and the double-end supported shaft combat the effects of cavitation, dead-head and dry running. Below are the test results from several worst case test scenarios:

Running pump with little or no water in tank: Air in the inlet pipe.

  • Ran continuously for 8 hours, the temperature rose then stabilized around 167 °F (75°C). The pump continued to run without issues, but the temperature may affect the overall stability of the PVC piping.

Simulation of running pump under malfunction of foot valve: Cavitation (some water)

  • Ran continuously for 4 hours, the temperature increased and stabilized around 133 °F (56°C).

Shut inlet valve in pump suction pipe: Cavitation (some water)

  • Internal shaft temperature increases to 167 °F (75°C) in 23 minutes. The pump continues to run without issues, but the temperature may affect the overall stability of the PVC piping.

Shut outlet valve in pump discharge pipe: Dead Head (full lines)

  • Internal shaft temperature to 158 °F (70°C) in 25 minutes. The pump continues to run without issue, but the temperature may affect the overall stability of the PVC piping.

Question 9 – How do I order pumps with a trimmed impeller for a specific application?

When a pump for an application calls for the trimming of the impeller diameter to achieve the proper flow or pressure, T-Mag can provide any mag drive pump model in the AMX Series with a wide variety of impeller trims. AM Series cannot not be trimmed. As of the release date for T-Mag, all pumps in inventory at T-Mag will be supplied with a full size impeller (the largest diameter possible for the casing and horsepower combination). If a distributor needs a pump for an application that does not require a trimmed impeller,

T-Mag can ship the mag drive pump almost immediately. If a mag drive pump with a trimmed impeller is required, T-Mag production team will take a standard pump from the shelf, open the liquid casing, remove the standard impeller and replace it with a trimmed impeller that fits the application. The unit will then be reassembled, the serial tag will be modified to reflect the change, and the unit will be repackaged and shipped to the distributor.

Question 10Can I order a T-Mag pump without the electric motor?

Yes. All AMX Series pumps are available without the electric motor, however, the AM Series mag drive pump will come standard with a motor, with wet ends still being available on their own. The distributor or customer may choose to supply the motor themselves. If you do not wish to source the motors separately, all AMX Series are available with motors installed. The motor frame information is as follows:

Motor Size (HP)NEMA (C-Face)IEC Frame

Question 11 – How are the pumps marked to identify impeller trim, motor power, etc.?

Each pump (with or without motor) has a Stainless Steel serial tag mounted to the central mounting bracket of the pump. This tag contains the following information:

Question 12 – What Marketing tools are available for promoting T-Mag pumps?

The T-Mag mag drive pump product line will be supported with T-Mag literature (AM/AMX Series Brochure, EOM’s and AM/AMX Series Flyer), along with numerous social media outlets and www.tmagpumps.com website.

Question 13 – Is there an outlet for sizing T-Mag pumps?

Yes, T-Mag pumps is working with Pump-Flo to build a sizing program that is web based and can be used by distributors to size pumps to the proper specs. Pump-Flo is a work in progress and distributors will be introduced to it as soon as it is ready to roll out.

Question 14 What is the procedure for making a warranty claim for a T-Mag pump?

Warranties will be handled by T-Mag pumps; the warranty form is in the back of the EOM. The T-Mag sales team and repair department will help evaluate the claim and determine if a warranty is applicable.

Question 15 – What other products are available from T-Mag Pumps?

T-Mag has many accessory offerings available to distributors. T-Mag will look to publishing prices once ready, until then all accessory pricing can be obtained by contacting T-Mag Pumps. Accessories offered are: hose, flanges, fittings, expansion joints, gaskets, and valves.