What is a Mag Drive Pump?

Magnetic Drive pumps are sealless pumps that use the technology of a drive magnet and inner magnet connected to an impeller to move fluid thru the pump. The drive magnet and inner magnet are separated by a rear casing or housing, creating a seal-less containment. A Mag Drive Pump will prevent the leakage of fluid and even more importantly save you from the loss of potentially dangerous and costly liquids.

With environmental concerns and EPA requirements more stringent than ever, seal-less pumps allow for zero fugitive emissions, allowing them to meet the necessary compliance’s. Due to their simplicity, mag drive pumps save maintenance time replacing seals and dealing with hazardous leaks. With only two moving parts, there is little chance for failure. Mag drive pumps are the answer for reliability and zero emissions. Is a Mag Drive Pump the right pump for your needs?

Why a T-Mag Magnetic Drive Pump?
With over three decades of developing and fine-tuning mag drive pumps, T-Mag Pumps are the answer for reliability and cost-effective pumping solutions. T-Mag has made a name through numerous product innovations and patents that allow it to be one of the most reliable mag drive pumps on the market today. T-Mag pumps are able to withstand those harsh pumping applications with the help of an additional cooling path and a patented buffer system.  Product features include:

High Efficient Flow Design: The geometry of the impeller and casing are generated through a hydraulic design program. In addition, Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to control the fluid stream pattern, thus reducing hydraulic loss and increasing pump efficiency.

Patented Dry-Run Design: The revolutionized bearing design with dual-channel circulation on both inner and outer surfaces of the bearing contributes to rapid heat dissipation. The circulation leakage of the sealless pump is fully utilized to reinforce convectional heat transfer to thermally balance internal temperatures and prevent damage even under dry running conditions.

Integrated CAD/CAE System: Using fully computer aided design and analysis to assist product development, modern design concepts help T-Mag products reach the highest technical levels in the industry.

Flange Assembly: All models 1/2 HP and up come with RF type adjustable flanges that are ANSI/DIN combinations. The orientation of the flange can be varied to match corresponding bolt holes to facilitate piping installation. The new design can also help to eliminate leakage problems caused by flange deformation.

Patented Buffer System: An innovate dynamic buffer is specifically designed to absorb vibrations and shock caused by adverse operating conditions. At the same time, the dynamic buffer is self-adjusting, allowing a better face-to-face contact between the thrust ring and the wear ring, thus minimizing wear and prolonging service life.

High Performance Magnetic Coupling: We utilize magnetic field analysis to calculate magnetic torque and maximize magnet utilization to ensure sufficient torque margin to prevent decoupling.

The T-Mag product line offers numerous material options, that will allow flows of up to 215 GPM or 128 TDH.  Casing materials are offered in Glass-Filled Polypropylene, PVDF or Conductive ETFE.  Internal material combinations consist of Carbon, Rulon®, Ceramic or Silicon-Carbide, along with various O-Ring material options.  Dry Running can be achieved with the use of a Carbon bearing.  T-Mag pumps can pump liquid temperatures up to 212° F using Conductive ETFE. 

T-Mag Mag drive pumps can be used in a large amount of applications from transfer to a re-circulation pump or cooling pump.  With a large range of material options, T-Mag has the ability to pump anything from Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid to Bleach or Water with trace chemicals.  With numerous innovations, along with national distribution and service, the T-Mag magnetic drive pumps are your answer for reliability.