What is a Process Pump?

What is a process pump? Process Pumps are used to move fluid in an industrial process. Process Pumps can be any variety of pump types depending on the application. They can be either heavy-duty centrifugal pumps used to pump corrosive or abrasive fluids. Or, they can also be positive displacement pumps.

Below are descriptions of two of the most common types of process pumps:

API Process Pumps are centrifugal pumps used in hydrocarbon processing plants and refineries. The pumps are designed to the API 610 standard, which covers a number of centrifugal pump types, including: vertical turbine pumps, end suction pumps, multi-stage pumps, horizontal split case pumps, and others.

ANSI Process Pumps are considered end suction centrifugal pumps. ANSI process pumps are designed to meet the ANSI B73.1 standard. This type of process pump comes in a wide range of materials depending on the application. ANSI process pumps are used in the chemical industry, paper mills, refineries and other plant environments.